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vape wick cotton

What Is Vape Wick Cotton?

The vape wick cotton serves as a crucial component of the vape, functioning to absorb the e-liquid and facilitate the coil vaporization process. It is the most popular wicking material in vape manufacturing and vape DIY.

How Does A Wick Material Work?

Usually, the wick material is pre-loaded into the vape coil and tightly contacts the coil to serve 3 functions in vaping:

  1. Preserve the e-liquid by absorption
  2. Transport the e-liquid to the coil for its consumption:
  3. Ensure that the e-liquid doesn’t flood the coil when not being used.

Here’s a basic process to explain how a wick works well with the coil:

  1. When vapers inhale a little, the heating system of vape is activated.
  2. Air pressure difference due to inhaling cause the e-liquid to flow from the tank or cartridge to the wicking material.
  3. The wicking material quickly absorbs the e-liquid and carries it to the coil.
  4. When the e-liquid is already in place, the coils heat it quickly at the same time.
  5. With the help of a coil and wicking material, the e-liquid is evaporated into vapour.

What A Vape Wick Cotton Should Be Made Of?

When it comes to selecting the ideal wicking material for vape coils, cotton wick is widely regarded as the preferred choice.

This is primarily because it is usually made of 100% organic cotton, which is readily available and cost-effective for most vapers.

Additionally, cotton wicks efficiently and produces a clean and pure taste that is highly sought after by many vaping enthusiasts.

Nowadays, vape wick cotton has already dominated the vape wick market.

What are the Differences between vape wick cotton and other wick material?

Tracing back to the development process of vape wick material, there are 3 kinds of wick material in total:

  1. The fibreglass wick: The earliest vape wick used Silicon dioxide as the main component (The main component of glass), currently being phased out of the mainstream vape market.
    • It has a High-temperature resistance that is seldom burnt, thus leading to less replacement frequency.
    • Strong e-liquid absorption and e-liquid transportation
    • Low output power leads to a bad vapour effect
    • Generating harmful glass fibre flocs which are difficult to eliminate from the human body
  2. Cotton wick: The most commonly used vape wick material in recent years
    • Cost-effective with low prices and high absorption
    • Require frequent replacement
    • Achieving high-quality vapour production.
  3. Ceramic vape wicks:
    • A massively high melting temperature and chemical resistance
    • Better absorption and transportation than cotton wick
    • No potential harmful particulate release while ceramic vape wicks are working
  4. Metal Mesh Wick: The cutting-edge wick technology uses metal in food-grade or medical-grade
    • This wick material demonstrates excellent conductivity, high heat and corrosion resistance, and hardness and durability, making it unlikely to break easily.
    • Allowing frequent reuse
    • Generating a mellow flavour
    • Producing a small amount of vapour, which is not suitable for cloud chasers

How To Choose The Best Vape Wick Cotton?

Generally, most cotton used in vape wick production is organic cotton. However, some experienced vapers would like to replace cotton wicks according to their preferences.

Here are some usual cotton types used in vape wick material, as well as their pros and cons:

  1. Japanese cotton pads: A favourite among many vapers due to their lack of impurities and great absorption capacity.
    • Cheap price
    • Clean and White
    • Prone to rusty odour
    • Poor e-liquid transportation
  2. Organic cotton: The most commonly used cotton in vape production and cosmetic field
    • Moderate price
    • Better conductivity and storage of e-liquid due to thin and tight fibres
    • Enhance the fruit flavour
    • Cost and effective choice allowing frequent replacing
  3. Synthetic cotton: Specifically for use in vape wick material
    • High-temperature resistance
    • Fast e-liquid conduction
    • No odour
    • Strong oil storage capacity
  4. Mixed organic-synthetic cotton: Advanced cotton manufacturing specifically for the vape wick material
    • Preserve the fast e-liquid conduction and high-temperature resistance of synthetic fibre cotton
    • Retain the mellow taste of organic cotton

What Are The Advantages Of Vape Wick Cotton?

Using cotton in vape wicks has several advantages that make it a great choice:

  • Quick absorption:
    • With its hygroscopic feature, vape wick cotton can effectively hold a significant amount of e-liquid without any leakage.
  • Low burning risk:
    • With a strong absorption, the vape wick cotton can be completely saturated with e-liquid, leading to minimal risk of experiencing a dry hit or burnt taste.
  • Good shape-retaining ability:
    • Tightly twisting with the coil, the vape wick cotton will ensure optimal contact with every part of your heating coil.
  • Cheap and environmentally friendly:
    • Compared to other types of wicks, cotton is a more easily accessible material that can be produced in large quantities.
    • Meanwhile, it’s important to change the wicks regularly to keep your vape device running smoothly and maintain good flavour.
    • So, choosing an affordable biodegradable vape wick cotton is a cost-effective choice for you and a responsible choice for the environment.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Vape Wick Cotton

When compared to ceramic wick, the vape wick cotton has some disadvantages.:

  • Absorption and transportation efficiency is weaker than ceramic vape wick
  • The impurities or residual taste in cotton might slightly alter the e-liquid’s intended flavour, especially when the cotton is new.
  • Much easier to burn than ceramic wick


Based on these introductions from all dimensions, have you got a command of vape wick cotton?


What is a wick in a vape?

A wick is an essential component in a vape, tightly contacting the coil inside to absorb and transport e-liquid for vapour production.

What is a cotton wick used for?

A cotton wick in a vape holds e-liquid, delivering it to the coil and blocking leaks.

Is vape cotton the same as normal cotton?

Compared to normal cotton, Vape wick cotton emphasizes high-temperature resistance, outstanding absorption and transportation for e-liquid.

Certain types of cotton used in vape wicks may not be suitable for cosmetic purposes or medical cure purposes, but they are highly effective in vape products.

  • Vape wick cotton: Usually unbleached and untreated, ensuring pure flavour and efficient e-liquid absorption
  • Cosmetic Cotton: Usually soft, absorbent, and often free of chemicals, making it suitable for applying skincare products or removing makeup
  • Medical degreasing cotton: Typically created to be free of lint and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for individuals with sensitive skin.

What is the best material for vape wicking?

Cotton is currently the most popular wick material for vaping due to its high-quality features.

Compared to other materials used for wicking in vaping, cotton has a high absorption and transportation rate for e-liquid while being affordable.

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