ELF BAR CR5000 is a rechargeable disposable vape from the ELF BAR brand. It boasts a 650mAh battery capacity to provide vapers with more than 5000 puffs!

ELF BAR CR5000 Charging Instructions

ELF BAR CR5000 rechargeable vape is easy for beginners to use. Below is the detailed charging instruction:

  1. Prepare a suitable charger and Type-C charging cable.
  2. Find the charging port.
  3. Plug the cable into the charger and the device.
  4. Check if the bottom light is on while charging.
  5. Charging the device for 30minutes to 1 hour.

ELF BAR CR5000 Bulk Price

CR5000 bundle products are favourable in the VapePenZone online store. You can choose 4 flavours from all ELF BAR flavours.


Here are the main differences between the Elf BC5000 and the ElfBar CR5000:

  1. Size: Elf BC5000 is 79mm*41mm*19mm, while CR5000 is 44mm*21.3mm*81.66mm.
  2. Coil: Elf BC5000 uses dual coil, while CR5000 uses mesh coil.
  3. Flavour: Elf BC5000 has 45+ flavours, while CR5000 has 10+ flavours.
  4. Nicotine content: Elf BC5000 offers 5%/3%/0%, while CR5000 contains 5% nicotine.

Elf Bar CR500 contains 50mg/ml nicotine content, offering you a strong throat hit.

Elf Bars are not discontinued. Elf Bars remain in production, ensuring a continuous supply for vaping enthusiasts.