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RELX Infinity Pod Fresh Red

RELX infinity Pod fresh red

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RELX Infinity 2 Pod (Pod Pro 2) - Strawberry Burst

RELX Infinity 2 Pod Strawberry Burst



Products bought from VapePenZone are NOT to be resold under any circumstances and are for personal use only.

Products sold on this website are age-restricted and are not to be used by persons under the age of 18. They are not intended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or persons with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or taking medication for depression or asthma.

We strongly advise all customers check their local legislation regarding the use of electronic cigarettes in their country. The information provided here cannot be considered binding legal advice.

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A disposable vape is a closed system and cannot be recharged. It’s recommended to buy rechargeable disposable devices in our store, like HQD rechargeable disposable vape, ELF Bar rechargeable disposable vape, etc. And refillable rechargeable disposable vape is also available.

Why is the disposable vape flashing? Disposable electronic cigarette lights indicate the battery and e-liquid status of the vape. If it flashes white, it means that the breathing light blinks with your puff. If it blinks blue, it means the battery is out or the e-juice is out, reminding you that it is time to replace it with a new one.

The duration of a disposable vape depends on the content of the e-liquid, the capacity of the battery, and your usage habits. In general for a middle vaper, a 3000 puffs disposable vape can last for a week. 

Slowly drawing the e-juice vapor into the mouth for some seconds. Holding the vapor in the mouth for a few seconds. Opening the mouth and inhaling the vapor into the lungs. Exhalation of the vapor.

The burnt taste of the disposable vape is due to the insufficient e-juice drying out as the coil heats up. 

  • If there’s a burnt taste in your first puff, stop vaping and let the disposable vape sit up straight for 10mins before you try again. It should fix the problem.
  • If the burnt taste appears after the vape has been used for a while, it could be because the liquid of the vape is running out, which leaves the coil try, and when you vape, the coil burns to create the burnt taste.

Disposable vape is a closed system and cannot be refilled. It’s recommended to try the disposable pod vape instead.

IGET disposable vape, IGET XXL, King, Mega, Bar and Legend are not rechargeable. It’s time to get a new one when it is not hit or blinking blue.

VapePenZone has a wide range of disposable vape. 

Most disposable vapes are 0%, 2% or 5% nicotine.

Disposable vape devices use closed-loop temperature control algorithms to provide the automizer with ideal power at any given time. E-juice is heated with coils to provide the most authentic flavour of vapour.

  1. Pull off plastic silicone cover
  2. Fill refillable pod chamber about ¾ full with juice.
  3. Replace silicone cover (indented part on top)
  4. Replace plastic mouthpiece cap
  5. Put the filled cartridge on your device

If you are simply starting and also intend to see exactly how easy it is to make the switch from tobacco to vaping, VapePenZone would be your best option!

We have a wide range of vape types.

  • Pod Vapes. Buy 100% Authentic RELX starter kit & pods
  • Vape juice. The outstanding Freebase or Salts e-liquid brands with great flavours and nicotine levels.
  • A portable, lightening vape pen for going out, travelling, and business- disposable vapes with more than 20 flavours, especially the most popular brand at the moment like IGET vape, HQD vape, ELFBAR and more.

For senior vapers, our vape store additionally includes hardware, vape accessories, compatible pods, and also a substantial choice of one of the best e-liquid vaporizers in the marketplace all at fantastic costs. For example, the hardware Geekvape and open pod system Caliburn are great choices to make your experience pleasant. All liquid is checked to ensure they are free of awful chemicals like Diacetyl and also Acetyl Propionyl.

Besides, we always try our best to provide the best service to our customers. We are ready to help anytime. VapePenZone must be the best vape shop of your choice. No matter where you are, we are willing to ship to your door globally or even all over the world.

The last, we are delighted to share info as well as suggestions on vapes, which we think will certainly assist beginners to make the right choices as well as provide all customers with new flavours’ arrival, the latest vaping news and weekly sales information.

We have received positive reviews from verified happy customers. And don’t hesitate to hit the Contact button if you have any problems, we are glad to help.

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