RELX Infinity 2 Pod

The RELX Infinity 2 Pod, often called the RELX Pod Pro 2, is specially designed for the 6th generation of RELX vapes.

Compatible Devices ? Infinity 2 Device and RELX Infinity Device.

Compatible Vape

RELX Infinity Device

RELX Infinity 2 VS Infinity Plus

  • Battery Capacity: The battery life of RELX Infinity 2 is 440mAh, while Infinity Plus is 380mAh.
  • Charging System: RELX Infinity Plus uses an advanced dual charging system, allowing you to charge the device at the top and bottom, ensuring fast and efficient charging. But RELX Infinity 2 only has one available charging port.
  • Charging Time: RELX Infinity 2 takes 27 minutes to charge fully,  while the RELX Infinity Plus is 45 minutes.
  • Power Adjustable: RELX Infinity provides three levels of power, from Eco to Smooth to Boost mode. But Infinity Plus doesn’t have that function.

RELX Infinity 2 Price

RELX Infinity 2 is an upgrade of RELX Infinity Pod, but the price has not changed.

FAQ OF RELX Infinity 2 Pod

RELX Infinity 2 is compatible with RELX Pod and RELX Pod Pro.

  1. Charging Duration: RELX Infinity takes 45 minutes to a fully charge, while Infinity 2 takes 27 minutes.
  2. Battery Capacity: Infinity has 380mAh battery capacity, while the battery capacity of Infinity 2 is 440mAh.
  3. Battery Indicator: Infinity 2 has a indicator light, while the Infinity does not.
  4. Power Adjustable: Infinity 2 provides three power adjustable modes, while Infinity doesn’t have that function.