The IGET Moon is the latest disposable vape from IGET, with a superb battery and 13 excellent flavours to make it stand out.

IGET Moon Nicotine Content

The IGET Moon K5000 has a 40mg/ml nicotine content. That means it has 40mg of nicotine salts per milliliter in 13 ml of vape juice.

IGET Moon Price

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IGET Moon offers up to 5000 puffs for a vaping experience that lasts 7-10 days!

The IGET Moon K5000 contains 5% nicotine.

Strawberry Kiwi Ice and Blueberry Raspberry Ice are the most popular IGET Moon flavours, while Golden Tobacco is the most unique flavour!

IGET Moons are disposable vapes which are not rechargeable. It has a high capacity 1750 mAh battery. This battery enough to last through all the vape juice.