Frozen Chosen

Frozen Chosen Freebase is the latest e-liquid from the Frozen Chosen brand. Each bottle contains 60ml e-liquid and also gives you two different nicotine levels to choose from.

Frozen Chosen E-liquid Wholesale Price

The wholesale price of Frozen Chosen e-liquid is $24.98. Compared to other e-liquid brands, the price is very attractive because of its large e-liquid capacity of 60ml. 

FAQ OF Frozen Chosen E-liquid

Blue Raspberry flavoured vape juice is sweet and smooth, with a light fruity aroma that you can smell with every breath, making you feel like you’re tasting real raspberries.

It’s not recommened to put the e-liquid in the refrigerator because the inside temperature is too low. Low temperature may cause the e-liquid solidification or thicken, affect the flow within the vaping device. 

Normally, the vape juice should be placed in a cool environment.

If the vape juice is placed in a dry and ventilated place, normally speaking, it can be stored for one to two years.