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What is vape airflow

What Is Vape Airflow?

Interested in enhancing your vaping experience? Here are some things you can do:

  • Get new vaping devices
  • Try different coil types
  • Experiment with different coil designs
  • Check out new vape juices with different vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol ratios

Also, don’t forget about vape airflow! It can make a big difference in the flavour, temperature, cloud size, and harshness of your vape. Check out our article to learn more about it. Understanding airflow is vital for an optimized vaping experience.

What Is Vape Airflow?

Vape airflow is the amount of air that travels through your vape when you take a puff. This airflow impacts both the amount of vapour produced and the intensity of the flavour.

You can control the airflow by adjusting the air holes or slots located on your vape device. To customize your vaping experience, simply adjust these holes to allow more or less air to pass through, depending on your personal preference.

How Does Vape Airflow Work?

How does vape airflow works

When you take a puff on your vape, the airflow pulls air into the atomizer, where it mixes with the E-liquid and is heated to produce vapour. The amount of air that is drawn into the atomizer can vary depending on the type of atomizer you are using and how much airflow is available.

Box mod tanks typically include a built-in airflow collar, which enables you to adjust the size of the air holes in your vape. Simply twist the collar to open or close the holes, thereby controlling the amount of fresh air that enters your vape device when you push the fire button.

If your airflow is open (or ‘wide’), then you’ll get a large cloud of cool vapour. An open airflow allows a lot of fresh air to dilute your e-juice cloud, so flavours tend to be harder to discern.

If your airflow is closed (‘narrow’ or ‘tight’), then your evapourated E-liquid, which is “hot off the coil,” won’t have a chance to mix with much room-temperature air. As a result, you’ll get a hot, dense, and tasty cloud of vapour.

Most vapers find a ‘happy medium’ airflow setting, where the vapour is at a comfortable temperature, they can still taste the vapour, and they’re happy with the size of their vape cloud.

How Does Airflow Effects Your vaping?

Airflow is an important factor in the vaping experience, as it has a significant impact on the flavour and quality of the vapour produced. Below are some ways in which airflow can affect the overall vaping experience:

Vapour Production

The volume of air that travels through a vaping device has a significant effect on the amount of vapour that is produced.

If more air flows through the device, the temperature of the coil might be slightly reduced, potentially altering vapour production.

On the other hand, if there is less airflow, the coil heats up, which leads to a decrease in vapour production.


The quantity of airflow has an impact on the taste of the vapour. When there is more airflow, the vapour is cooler, and therefore, the flavour is less intense.

This is due to the fact that cooler vapour carries less flavour. On the other hand, less airflow leads to warmer vapour and a more intense flavour. This is because warmer vapour carries more flavour.

Throat Hit

Airflow also impacts the throat hit, the sensation experienced at the back of the throat when inhaling.

A greater airflow results in a less intense throat hit due to the cooler vapour being less harsh. In contrast, a smaller airflow results in a more intense throat hit as the warmer vapour is harsher.

Types Of Atomiser Airflow

Types of atomiser airflow

The size of the atomizer affects vapour and flavour! Smaller atomizers (specifically, the chamber where E-liquid is vapourized) make flavours more pronounced and a hotter vape.

There are several types of atomizer airflow, including bottom airflow, top airflow, and side airflow.

Each type of airflow has its own advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the right one depends on your personal preferences and vaping style.

  • Top airflow

Top airflow atomisers have air inlets located at the top of the tank, which directs the airflow down onto the coils. This design helps to reduce leaks and deliver a warmer vape.

Top airflow atomisers are also less likely to accumulate condensation and result in a smoother vaping experience.

  • Side Airflow

Side airflow is a type of atomizer airflow design where the air enters the atomizer from the side, usually through adjustable slots or holes.

One of the advantages of side airflow is that it allows for great flavour production. The coils are positioned closer to the airflow, which helps to enhance the flavour of the vapour.

Additionally, side airflow can also produce larger clouds due to the increased airflow to the coils.

  • Bottom Airflow

Bottom airflow atomizers pull air through small holes or slots in the base of the atomizer.

This allows the air to travel up through the coil and out through the mouthpiece.

This type of airflow produces more flavour and vapour due to the closer proximity to the coils.

What’s The Best Airflow On A Vape?

What's the best airflow on a vape

  • If you prefer vaping Mouth-To-Lung (MTL), then a narrow airflow is recommended to get a mouthful of vapour instead of a larger hit. This will give you the familiar sensation of cigarette smoke. To vape MTL style, adjust your airflow collar to the smallest setting.
  • For those who vape Direct To Lung (DTL), it is best to set your airflow collar just below the largest setting. Going too big might make it difficult to taste the flavour of your E-liquid, so it is recommended to start somewhere in the middle and work upwards until you find a comfortable setting.
  • For Cloud Chasers, the goal is to create the biggest possible cloud using full lung capacity. The highest airflow setting is recommended for chasing clouds, where the spectacle of a massive vape cloud takes priority over flavour.


Vape airflow is an important aspect of vaping that greatly affects the overall experience. Understanding how to adjust the airflow and finding the right balance for your preferences can greatly enhance your vaping experience.

Airflow control is an important vape setting that can greatly enhance your experience. It allows you to adjust temperature, cloud production, flavour, and throat hit. Before adjusting airflow, make sure to consider other factors such as VG ratio, hardware, coil resistance, wattage, vaping mode, and style. Once satisfied, adjust airflow as needed.

Remember, airflow is the easiest setting to modify while vaping, so focus on getting all other critical factors right first for the perfect vaping experience. Prioritize safety and ensure you’re well-informed for an optimal vaping experience.


How do Vapes detect airflow?

When the user takes a puff from the e-cigarette, the airflow sensor is activated. This sensor is capable of detecting changes in air pressure, which then triggers the power flow to an LED and a heating element. The E-liquid is drawn to a wick through capillary action and is vapourized by the heating element.

Is a high or low airflow vape better?

A higher airflow can help to cool the cloud, but it may also lead to a loss of flavour. On the other hand, a lower airflow can enhance the flavour of the e-liquid. This is because a higher airflow reduces the amount of e-liquid needed, which means that it stays on the coils for a longer period of time.

Is more or less airflow better?

A lower airflow in your e-cigarette will enhance the flavour of your e-liquid. By decreasing the amount of air that contacts the coils, the vapour is forced out more quickly and at a higher temperature. This quicker release results in a richer, fuller flavour compared to using a larger airflow.

Does more airflow mean more nic?

Airflow does not impact nicotine levels, but adjusting it can change the throat hit sensation, giving you the illusion that you are getting more or less nicotine.

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