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What Is Sub-Ohm Vape?

Sub-ohm vape is a kind of vape featuring a coil resistance of less than 1ohm(e.g. 0.15ohm coil, 0.3ohm coil, 0.5ohm coil) and a battery with high wattage.

The act of using sub-ohm vapes is known as sub-ohm vaping.

In the field of vapes, coils play a crucial role in heating and vaporizing electronic liquids. As a result, any coil innovation attempt is worth discussing.

Here, we are to delve into the professional explanation, influencing factors, pros and cons of the sub-ohm vape.

What Does Sub-Ohm Vape Mean For Vapers?

Sub-ohm vaping is a style of vaping that produces thick vape clouds and intense flavour.

According to our market research, most vapes feature a coil resistance between 1.5 ohm and 3 ohm, which is much higher than sub-ohm vapes.

However, with sub-ohm vapes, the coil resistance is much lessened, and the current through the coil is increased a lot. This results in a higher wattage while heating the E-liquid, eventually generating denser clouds and richer flavours.

3 Factors To Influence The Efficiency Of Sub-Ohm Vapes

  • Coil Resistance: Having ruled out other factors, the lower the coil resistance, the more current passes through the coil, ultimately producing a higher efficiency.
  • Wattage: It means the actual power generated by an electrical unit.
    • Higher wattage generally results in more heat.
    • However, the relationship between wattage and vapour or flavour production varies based on several factors like e-liquid composition and airflow.
  • Battery Voltage: This relates to the amount of power generated by the battery of your vaping device. Except in the case of increased resistance, more voltage equals higher wattage.

Pros And Cons Of Sub-Ohm Vapes

1. Increased vapour production:
Using sub-ohm coils can produce larger clouds of vapour due to their high efficiency.
1. Higher price:
Using advanced sub-ohm vapes can be pricier compared to traditional coil vapes.
2. More robust flavour:
The larger surface area enhances flavour production.
2. Increased e-liquid consumption:
Sub-ohm vaping often results in faster consumption of e-liquid due to increased vapour production.
3. Intense throat hit:
The increased vapour production can lead to a more pronounced throat hit, especially when using e-liquids with higher nicotine concentrations or specific PG/VG ratios.
3. Potential for dry hits:
If the wick doesn’t saturate quickly enough, it can result in dry hits, which give an unpleasant burnt taste.
4. Warmer vapour:
Sub-ohm coils produce a warmer vapour due to the increased power output.
4. Higher battery usage:
Sub-ohm coils use higher wattage and drain batteries faster, so they may require more frequent charging or carrying of spares.


In conclusion, the sub-ohm vape is outstanding in the vape innovation race. With much lower coil resistance and a high conversion rate to heat power, the sub-ohm vape distinguishes itself from the dizzying array of vapes.

After reading so much, have you drawn a basic understanding of sub-ohm vapes? If you still have some questions, don’t hesitate to visit our official website vapepenzone to contact us!


What are the benefits of sub ohm vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping contains 4 benefits:

  1. Increased vapour production
  2. More robust flavour
  3. Intense throat hit
  4. Warmer vapour

What is the difference between ohm and sub ohm vaping?

The key difference between ohm and sub-ohm vaping is the coil they applied to.

  • Ohm vaping is equipped with usual coils that are higher than 1 ohm.
  • Sub-ohm vaping features coils lower than 1ohm, offering a more intense flavour and denser cloud.

Does sub ohm vaping taste better?

Yes, sub-ohm vaping allows more current through the electric wire, thus leading to a higher power and quicker heating process.

Finally, it stimulates a stronger throat hit and robust flavours, bringing a better hitting experience to vapers.

How do I know if my device is sub ohm?

If you want to know if your vape is sub-ohm, you could check the coil resistance data printed on the package.

If you can’t find the package anymore, you could also enter the official website that you bought and ask the customer service.

  • If this coil resistance is lower than 1 ohm, usually 0.5 or 0.15 ohm, then your vape is proved to be a sub-ohm vape.
  • If not, then it is not sub-ohm vape.
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