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What Happens If You Put A Disposable Vape In Checked Luggage

I'm about to travel abroad and want to bring my favourite vapes to the checked luggage on plane. I wonder if it will against the laws or airlines regulations?

Good question! Placing a disposable vape in checked luggage is usually frowned upon due to the lithium batteries they contain. Here are a few situations you would meet if you did so:

  1. Safety Risks: Lithium batteries in vapes can pose a fire risk
  2. Security Administration Disputes: You may be fined by the security administration, and your vapes will be confiscated.
  3. E-liquid Leakage: The change in air pressure during flights can cause vapes to leak
  4. Battery Depletion: Accidentally turning on the battery before the plane takes off can result in a drained battery upon arrival
  5. Legal Issues: If there are strict regulations against vaping products in the destination, it will lead to potential legal disputes upon arrival.

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