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Why Is My New Disposable Vape Not Working Cover

Why Is My New Disposable Vape Not Working? An In-depth Solution

Are you frustrated and confused about why is my new disposable vape not working? Here are some common reasons new and old vapes don’t work for your reference.

  1. Insufficient battery power
  2. A damaged appearance or defective internal part
  3. Wrong activation methods
  4. Low e-liquid levels
  5. Airflow issues
  6. Poor-quality e-liquid
  7. Heavy use

If you want to know what to do to fix your new vapes, then go ahead and explore the solution.


It’s not usually common for a new vape to not work. But like life, it can’t be smooth sailing all the time, and please don’t worry if you’re experiencing getting stuck in this situation.

In this article, we’ll delve into the common problems with new and old disposable vapes not working, how to fix them, and maintenance tips to ensure a smooth vaping experience.

Why Is My New Disposable Vape Not Working?

Why Is My New Disposable Vape Not Working

You may encounter several issues when getting a new disposable e-cigarette, so let’s delve deeper into why new e-cigarettes encounter these common problems.

Why Is New Disposable Vape Lights Up But No Smoke?

If your new vape lights up but does not produce smoke, it may be because the battery power is insufficient. Although it is said that there is a reserve power for your vapes, it is inevitable that you will encounter the problem of insufficient power due to the long transportation time of online shopping.

Why Is New Disposable Vape Dead Or Leaking?

A damaged appearance or defective internal part can cause a dead new e-cigarette. If shopping online, check the box for damage before opening it to ensure the device has not been physically destroyed and leaking in a long transit. Check the vape for visible damage or leaking after opening the box as well, and if there is no visible damage and leaking, but the problem persists, please consider contacting the manufacturer for support or replacement.

Why Is New Disposable Vape Device Activation Issues?

Different devices have different activation methods. If the activation of a new device fails, please think about whether to refer to the manual for activation. If the activation fails according to the manual, and there is power, then the device may be defective and need to be returned to the factory for repair.

How To Fix Your New Disposable Vape?

How to make a new vape work after it dies
If you are experiencing problems with your new disposable e-cigarette and want to try to troubleshoot it, here are some steps you can follow:
Activate Device

Brand-new vapes are often not activated but may store some charge, so you will need to follow the instructions to activate them for use before using them for the first time.

Methods To Make A New Disposable Vape Work Activate Device
Check Battery

Ensure the battery is not dead. If it is a rechargeable disposable e-cigarette, you can connect the USB cable to charge the vape, charge it for a while and then use it again.

Methods To Make A New Disposable Vape Work Check Battery
Check Leaks

For newly arrived vapes, please look carefully for visible leaks before using. If the liquid leaks, it may affect the functionality of the device. We recommend contacting the manufacturer after wiping off the extra e-liquid for a refund or exchange.

Methods To Make A New Disposable Vape Work Check Leaks
Adjust Temperature

The performance of disposable vapes can be affected in cold climates. If the weather is too cold, it is recommended to hold your new vape in your hand for 30 seconds and wait until it feels warm before using it. Please note that overheating or overcooling is not friendly for your vape.

Methods To Make A New Disposable Vape Work Adjust Temperature
Contact Manufacturer

If all of the above steps have failed, please get in touch with the manufacturer’s customer support department promptly for guidance. Especially if the vape is under warranty, you can offer to replace it with a new one.

Why Is My Old Disposable Vape Not Working?

Why Is My Old Disposable Vape Not Working

The above explains what may be encountered with a new e-cigarette and the steps to resolve them. The next section will address common problems encountered with old disposable vapes.

Why Is My Vape Flashing And Not Working?

  • Possible Causes:
    • Low e-liquid levels
    • dying battery
  • Troubleshooting Steps:
    • Disposable vapes can usually be thrown away when the e-liquid runs out, and one large-capacity and rechargeable WAKA disposable vape could expand its life.
    • Charge the vape by connecting your vape port with a suitable USB cable.

Why Disposable Vape With Weak Vapour?

  • Possible Causes:
    • Low e-liquid levels
    • Airflow issues
  • Troubleshooting Steps:
    • Disassemble the vape device to check the e-liquid level and refill if necessary.
    • Check for condensation inside the unit, especially around the sensor. Clean it if so.

Why Disposable Vape With A Bad Or Burnt Taste?

  • Possible Causes:
    • Poor-quality e-liquid
    • Burnt coil
  • Troubleshooting Steps:
    • Check if the e-liquid has expired and can no longer be used.
    • Examine the coil for signs of burning or damage. If found, replace it and prime it by applying a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the coil before installation.

Why Disposable Vape With A Short Battery Life?

  • Possible Causes:
    • Heavy use
    • Defective battery
  • Troubleshooting Steps:
    • As the battery is used more frequently, it will accelerate the aging of the battery and use the device as recommended.
    • If the battery life remains short, consider a replacement.

When To Seek Professional Help?

When To Seek Professional Help When My New Disposable Vape Not Working

Please note that safety is of utmost importance when fixing your vapes. If in doubt or an inconvenient situation, it is best to seek professional help first to ensure a safe and effective solution.

  • Persistent Issues After Troubleshooting

If you’ve followed the troubleshooting steps and the problem persists, it’s a clear indication that there may be a more complex issue that requires professional attention.

  • Device Damage

Disposable e-cigarettes with visible physical damage, such as a cracked casing or found to have damaged internal components, may worsen the problem if you try to fix it on your own. It is time to seek professional help, and it is essential.

  • Complex Technical Issues

If you are unfamiliar with technical operations, it is recommended that you consult a professional who specializes in repairing vape devices for questions involving the electronics, circuitry, or other technical components inside the device.

  • User Inexperience

If you are new to vaping and are unsure of what exactly is wrong with your vape, you can seek guidance and help from experienced vapers, e-cigarette store employees or device manufacturers.

  • Warranty Concerns

If the disposable vape is still under warranty, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer’s customer support department directly for professional technical support and after-sales guarantee services.

How To Increase Your Vape Lifespan?

How To Increase Your Vape Lifespan

How can you increase the lifespan of your vape? Increasing the lifespan of your vape involves proper care, maintenance, and responsible usage. Here are some tips to help extend the life of your vape device:


Use Quality Disposable Vapes And E-LiquidsUsing a safe and reliable vape greatly reduces the generation of vape malfunctions, and VapePenZone not only has hot and cost-effective vapes but can also provide perfect after-sales support to strongly support your pleasurable vape experience.


Proper StorageStoring your vape in a temperature-appropriate and non-humid environment will extend its lifespan.


Avoid OverchargingCharging should be done to avoid overcharging caused by battery damage, even vape explosion. Please according to the user manual finish a reasonable charging.


Regular InspectionsPeriodically inspect your device for any signs of wear, damage, or leaks. Address issues promptly to prevent further damage.


Vape online will provide you with a reassuring guarantee of disposable vapes. Don’t let a malfunctioning disposable e-cigarette ruin your vaping experience. Following troubleshooting steps and maintenance tips, ensure a smooth vaping experience.

If you’ve encountered other problems with your vape or have a better way than the above, please share your experience and tips in the comments below. Many thanks and happy vaping!


How do you fix a new disposable vape that won’t hit?

You can try to tap the bottom or sides of the disposable vape gently to dislodge any air bubbles that might be trapped in the e-liquid.

What’s more, hold the device in your hands for a minute or two to warm it slightly. Cold temperatures can affect the viscosity of the e-liquid.

Why is my disposable vape not working after buying?

First, check if the vape has run out of battery. If so, recharge it, and then follow the instructions to activate if it is still invalid. Please get in touch with the staff at the place of purchase and ask for a refund or replacement.

Why is my brand new disposable vape dead?

Disposable e-cigarettes are usually designed for disposable users. When the disposable battery runs out, it’s time to replace it.

Why is my disposable vape pen not producing smoke?

You need to open the vape and examine it. It could be that air bubbles trapped around the cartridges and coils are blocking the airflow and causing a blockage.

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