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Is your RELX Pod taste burnt?

Is Your RELX Pod Taste Burnt? 5 Feasible Solutions To Fix It

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Regular users of RELX may occasionally encounter the issue of a burnt-tasting pod. This can be disconcerting, particularly for frequent users. However, here are 5 feasible solutions that can help you to avoid this problem:

  • Take your time when vaping
  • Properly store the pod
  • Replace a new pod
  • Check the expiration date of the pod
  • Purchase pods from reputable sources.

Continue reading to understand the reasons behind the RELX Pod taste burnt and the solutions to address it.


RELX is a recognized brand in the vaping industry, known for its quality vaping devices and accessories. However, many vapers encounter the frustrating and unpleasant experience of a burnt taste.

Several factors can cause the RELX Pod taste burnt issue, including the age of the pod, the temperature at which it is used, and the type of E-liquid being used.

In this article, we will use Relx Infinity Pod as an example to analyze this issue. We will explore why your Relx vape pods taste burnt and provide solutions to fix it.

Additionally, we will offer tips on how to avoid this problem in the future. Keep reading to find out how to fix the burnt taste in your vape.

What Is RELX Pod?

The RELX Infinity Pod is a pre-filled, disposable pod that is designed to be used with the RELX Infinity device. The RELX Infinity Pod comes in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths, allowing users to customize their vaping experience.

Each pod contains 1.9ml of E-liquid and is made with FEELM ceramic coil technology for a smooth and satisfying vaping experience. The pods are leak-resistant and feature a magnetic connection for easy installation and removal.

The Infinity Pod consists of three parts in its construction:

RELX Pod taste burnt: RELX Pod construction

  • Coil: This heating element heats up the E-liquid contained within the pod, creating a vapour that the user inhales.
  • Wicking material: Made from a special type of cotton, it absorbs and delivers the E-liquid to the coil.
  • E-liquid: This substance is vapourized and inhaled by the user.

The RELX Pods contains E-liquid that, when heated by the device, produces vapour for inhalation. The pod is easy to install and can be disposed of once it is empty.

The rechargeable RELX Infinity device is compatible with various pods, offering users a choice in flavour and nicotine strength, emphasizing its user-friendliness.

RELX Pod Taste Burnt: Why Does It Happen?

Dry hitting

RELX Pod taste burnt: Dry hitting

When the wick in your atomizer is not sufficiently saturated with E-liquid, it can cause a phenomenon known as a “dry hit.” This is when you take a puff and instead of getting a flavourful vapour, you’re only greeted with hot air, which can be quite unpleasant.

Not only can this cause a burning sensation in your throat, but it can also leave a lingering unpleasant burnt taste in your mouth.

Expired E-liquid

expired e liquid

Using Pods RELX past their expiration date can also result in a decreased nicotine strength and a decrease in vapour production.

Additionally, it can lead to potential health risks as the expired E-liquid may contain harmful chemicals that are produced as a result of the breakdown of the ingredients over time.

Chain vaping

RELX Pod taste burnt: chain vaping

Each time you vape, the coil’s heat vaporizes the E-liquid absorbed by the wick.

The longer you chain vape, the less time the E-liquid in your tank has to soak into the wick again. Over a short period, your wick could become dry and it will result in a dry hit, and the need to replace the coil. Before burning out, you could also find that it impacts the quality of the vapour production you’re getting.

Low-quality devices

RELX Pod taste burnt: low-quality devices

Devices of low quality are more likely to result in an unpleasant taste in your vape. There are various reasons why a low-quality device might cause your vape to taste burnt:

  • The metal parts may get too hot and burn the E-liquid.
  • Deposits in the coil can obstruct the flow of E-liquid through it.
  • Materials of poor quality may not handle heat well, causing them to burn frequently, easily, or deteriorate over time.

RELX Pod Taste Burnt: How To Recognize It?

  • Initial change in flavour or a slightly off taste: A burnt taste might not be immediately noticeable, but a change in flavour or a slightly off taste can be an early sign of a burnt pod.
  • Reduced vapour production: A burnt pod might produce less vapour than usual, which can be an indication that the pod needs to be replaced.
  • Harsher throat hit than usual: A burnt pod can also result in a harsher throat hit than usual, which can be unpleasant for the user.

RELX Pod Taste Burnt: How To Fix And Prevent It?

5 Feasible Solutions To Fix RELX Pod Taste Burnt iSSUES
Take your time when vaping
RELX Pod taste burnt: Take your time when vaping

To prevent overheating and ensure the pod is not empty, it is important to take breaks between puffs.

Being mindful of the frequency of use and taking breaks can help prevent burnt taste and other issues with the vaping device.

Properly store the pod
RELX Pod taste burnt: Properly store the pod

To ensure the quality of your RELX Vape Pods, store them unopened in a dry environment at room temperature, out of reach of children and pets, until you are ready to use them.

Replace a new pod
RELX Pod taste burnt: Replace a new pod

The RELX Infinity Pod is made of semi-transparent material, which allows vapers to easily monitor the amount of E-liquid.

If you observe that the E-liquid level in the pod is low, please replace it promptly with a new one.

Check the expiration date of the pod
RELX Pod taste burnt: Check the expiration date

Checking the expiration date of pods can help prevent issues with expired E-liquid and other problems.

While RELX Pods Global have an expiration date of 12 months from the date of manufacture, it is best to use them soon after purchase.

For the best flavour experience, it’s recommended to use the pod within 15 days of opening.

Purchase pods from reputable sources

Buying pods from reputable sources can help ensure that they are genuine and not counterfeit, reducing the risk of low quality.

Here, we offer a wide selection of RELX pod flavours, all backed by a quality assurance guarantee. Explore our range to find the ideal flavour for you!

RELX Infinity Pod

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RELX Pod Taste Burnt: Mistakes To Avoid

?Trying to ‘fix’ or tamper with the pod’s internal components

Tampering with the pod’s internal components can cause further damage to the pod and the vaping device.

?Continuing to vape even after detecting a burnt taste

Continuing to vape on a burnt pod can be harmful to the user and the device and should be avoided.

?Refilling a disposable pod, especially if not designed for it

Refilling a disposable pod can lead to leaks and other issues, which can damage the device and result in a burnt taste.


In conclusion, if your RELX Pod taste burnt, the following five steps can help you fix it. If the problem persists even after trying these methods, it is recommended that you replace the faulty pod. At VapePenZone, there is a variety of vapes to choose from, all of which are worth considering.

RELX Pod Taste Burnt: FAQ

Why does my RELX pod taste burnt even though its full?

If you’re experiencing a burnt taste while vaping, it could be due to a singed wick on your coil giving off a burnt cotton flavour. Alternatively, if you’re noticing a burnt sugar taste, it could be a result of residue covering your coil.

Why does my RELX taste burnt even with a new pod?

It’s possible that you may not have primed it properly. Priming simply involves soaking the coil with E-liquid before use. This step can help prevent dry hits and burnt wicks. Remember to take the time to prime your new coils before using them.

How do I know if my RELX Infinity Pod is empty?

If your pod RELX runs out of E-liquid, it will produce no vapour. Additionally, you may notice a distinct burnt taste when puffing. If your RELX vape has low battery power, it may also affect its performance.

Is RELX high in nicotine?

At present, our pods are available in various formulations of nicotine content, including 5% (50mg/ml), 3% (30mg/ml), 1.8% (30mg/ml), or 0%. We also offer other region-specific editions.

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