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How To Spot Fake HQD: 6 Factors Give You A Hand

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Unfortunately, fake disposable vapes do exist in reality. To let everybody buy an authentic HQD Vape, in this guide, I’ll teach how to spot fake HQD Vape. Here are the six HQD verification ways:

  • Package
  • Logo
  • Hologram
  • QR Code
  • Scratch Off
  • Barcode

In addition, to avoid you getting scammed again, I provide some tips to help you choose the real one. Read on to find out!


Recently, HQD introduced several new disposable vape flavours, increasing the brand’s popularity. This has unfortunately led some individuals to profit from counterfeit HQD products.

Due to the rapid advancement of technology, counterfeit products continue to emerge in the market. However, using fake disposable vapes is dangerous. So it’s important to have the ability to distinguish a fake product.

Issues with Counterfeit HQD Vapes

The Problems With HQD Vape
The Problems With HQD Vap

In fact, with the rapid development of the e-cigarette industry, it is not surprising that counterfeit products appear. HQD is also deeply troubled by counterfeits.

Not meeting quality standards

The real HQD Vapes have to go through several quality control procedures before they hit the shelves, so they are legal in the market. But HQD Vape fake disposables have no quality control and no security guarantees.

This is one reason counterfeit HQD products are often priced lower. To make more money, they don’t worry about what harm these fake products will do to your body.

Potential dangerous ingredients

To ensure the vaping products are safe and tested, the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TPD) has to know the exact ingredients used. Of course, HQD Vape fake disposables don’t comply with this.

For instance, counterfeit HQD products might not have accurate nicotine content as mentioned on the packaging. The CDC states that 50 to 60 milligrams of nicotine is a lethal dose for adults weighing around 150 pounds. Too much nicotine can be fatal to a person.

How to Identify Fake HQD Vape?

How to Identify Fake HQD Vape?
Although counterfeit HQD products are widespread, there are six straightforward methods to verify your HQD’s authenticity. This will be helpful when you shop for HQD Vape devices in the future.

Before you start vaping, take a good look at the HQD Vape packaging. The best-before date will be clear on the packaging plus the ingredients list. Besides, the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) requires manufacturers to put certain features on the packaging.

Health warning

How To Spot Fake HQD: Health Warning
How To Spot Fake HQD: Health Warning

It has to appear on the front and the back of the packaging. The font must be in Helvetica and cover 30% of the surface. Manufacturers can only choose from these two:

  • This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. It is not recommended for non-smokers.
  • This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.


How To Spot Fake HQD: Instructions
How To Spot Fake HQD: Instructions

The instructions need to cover the following information:

  • Warning for specific at-risk groups (e.g. pregnant or breastfeeding women, people who have heart disease)
  • Possible side effects (e.g. nausea, headaches)
How To Spot Fake HQD: Logo
How To Spot Fake HQD: Logo

The real HQD Vape has the same logo, no matter the packaging or the vape itself. If you carefully look at the letter HQD, you’ll find the letter Q (with two dashes). So If you find a product with the letter Q (with one dash), then this is a clear fake HQD.

Further tip: On the real HQD products, the name and brand name are convex. On an HQD Vape fake products, they are equal.

How To Spot Fake HQD: Hologram
How To Spot Fake HQD: Hologram

The hologram will display the brand name or logo. Check to see if the fonts and overall appearance of the image make sense.

To do this, open your phone camera and scan the code. When you rotate the package, it shows different images under the light.

Many times, counterfeit devices will have incorrect fonts or mismatched patterns. Since the hologram is difficult to replicate, this is where HQD Vape fake disposables are usually spotted.

QR (Verification) Code
How To Spot Fake HQD: QR Code
How To Spot Fake HQD: QR Code

All genuine HQD Vapes have an HQD verification code attached to the package. you need to turn on your smartphone’s camera and point to the code.

If the QR code is real, a new site will open and take you to the HQD verification page, which includes information about the originality of the product, the date of verification and the number that matches the number under the protective layer.  If the code is fake, the page will display an error.

Scratch Off (Security Code)

To confirm the authenticity of your HQD Vape, you can scratch off the verification code on the package. Remember it and go to the website to make HQD verify. Please be sure all the characters are correctly input.

Product Verification Website: https://yz.hqdtech.com/

How To Identify Fake HQD: Barcode
How To Spot Fake HQD: Barcode

All the HQD Vapes have a unique barcode. Through the barcode, you can check the manufacturer’s country. The first step is entering the 13-digit barcode number in the official verification channel.

If the barcode information is correct, the corresponding message will pop up, then you can check the manufacturer’s country. If the device is not produced by the Chinese Shenzhen Hanqingda Technology Co., Ltd., it’s likely a fake HQD Vape.

Tips to Avoid Fake HQD Vape

Purchase from reputable retailers

The best way to avoid fake HQD is to buy from reputable retailers. The products they sell are obtained from the manufacturer or general distributor, so the source is guaranteed.

One way to know if a retailer is reputable is by checking for their compliance status online or checking the reviews of their stores.

Make sure the product is in a sealed package

When you receive a new HQD Vape, it must be inside a sealed plastic package. The purpose is to better protect the vape. If you find your new vape is not sealed, then you need to be careful.

Be careful with if the price is too good to be true

If the price of your vape is much lower than similar products, then you have to wonder why. An illegal HQD fake does not need to go through a lot of processes, so the production cost is low.

If you come across e-cigarettes from reputable brands being sold at suspiciously low prices, they might be counterfeit.

Inspect the packaging for misspelled words or shoddy print jobs

Often, counterfeiters might not replicate the HQD product exactly but instead mimic its packaging. When you have a new vaping device, focus more on product and brand names for spelling errors. At the same time, we should also pay attention to whether the printing meets the standard.

What to do If You Have a Fake HQD Disposable Vape?

Fake HQD Disposable Vape
Fake HQD Disposable Vape

If you discover that you have a counterfeit HQD disposable vape, discontinue its use immediately and dispose of it safely. If you continue using the vape and you don’t know what actual ingredients they add, really don’t know what terrible thing is going to happen.

If you’re not feeling well when you vape a fake HQD, you should consult a doctor.

Can I Get a Refund for Counterfeit HQD Vapes?

When you get a fake HQD Vape, you can try and return it to the store you bought it from. It’s possible that the store might not offer a refund. Since they sell fake products, it’s proven that they have no integrity at all.

Where Can You Buy an Authentic HQD Vape?

  • Official website. For example the VapePenZone. At there, all the HQD Vapes are obtained directly from the source and the quality is guaranteed.
  • Online shops. You can choose the stores that specialize in e-cigarettes.
  • Physical stores. Buying e-cigarettes in a physical store ensures that if you buy a fake, you can tell the merchant directly and ask for a refund.


To summarize, when a disposable vape brand becomes successful, it often attracts counterfeiters. But as long as we carefully identify each e-cigarette, these are not a big problem. After reading this article, I hope readers can identify HQD Vape’s fake disposables.

How to Spot Fake HQD: FAQ

Do fake vapes taste different?

Fake vapes have no quality control. The ingredients used are also different from real vapes. Therefore, there will be a slight difference in taste.

What happens if I inhale a fake vape?

Because you don’t really know what you’re inhaling when you use the device, it may contain some chemicals that are harmful to the body.

Why are there so many fake disposable vapes?

This is because disposable vapes are growing rapidly as technology and manufacturing processes develop and production costs decrease. Many people find it profitable to start producing counterfeit vapes.

What are the side effects of fake disposable vapes?

Mild symptoms include headaches, nausea, and fatigue. Serious symptoms include lung issues, coughing, or other illnesses. However, it may vary from person to person.

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