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How To Spot A Fake Elf Bar

How To Spot A Fake Elf Bar: 7 Simple And Effective Ways

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As Elf Bar becomes more and more popular, so do the counterfeits. As a result, many vapers are curious about how to spot a fake Elf Bar.
There are seven aspects you can do to recognize a fake ElfBar quickly:

  • QR Code
  • Security Code
  • Anti-Counterfeit Holographic Sticker
  • Inkjet Code
  • EAN Code
  • Casing
  • Flavour

Read on to learn a quick, simple and effective way to recognize the Elf Bar!


As a safe, reliable and high-performance vape that has taken the world by storm, the ElfBar is naturally sought after by many vapers.

However, some unscrupulous businesses have taken advantage of vapers’ love for Elf Bars and sold fake ones to deceive consumers.

To ensure that vapers have a good and safe vaping experience, this article will teach you how to spot a fake Elf Bar from 7 detailed aspects, which are simple and easy to follow.

Do Fake Elf Bars Exist?

Fake Elf Bar

Counterfeit Elf Bar does exist and puts the health and safety of consumers and the reputation of the ElfBar brand at serious risk.

Elf Bar has zero tolerance for this.

Since the launch of its anti-counterfeiting campaign in June 2021, ElfBar has cracked down on more than 120 counterfeiting sales targets and seized over 2 million pieces of counterfeit ELFBAR finished products.

How To Spot A Fake ELF BAR?

Here are seven aspects that can help you quickly recognize counterfeits and guarantee a safe and wonderful vaping experience.

how to tell if an elf bar is fake
Scan QR Code

On the package of ElfBar, you can see a QR code. By following four steps, you can identify the authenticity of Elf Bar.

Find the Anti-Counterfeiting QR code on the package
Find The Anti-Counterfeiting QR Code
Scan the QR code with your smartphone camera
Scan The QR Code
Click on the link that appears and jump
Click On The Link
Verification results appear
Verification Results Appear

If your Elf Bar is genuine, the results will show “The security code you inquired about is correct.” and “The code has been checked 1 times”.

Please note that if the first time you scan the QR code, it appears to have been checked more than once, it is possible that the box has been reused, which means that your ElfBar could be a fake.

Enter Security Code
How To Spot A Fake Elf Bar: Enter Security Code

Below the QR code is a string of numbers, which is Elf Bar’s Security code.

You can find the Elf Bar verify portal on the Elf Bar website in the support section and enter the product’s security code. Then, you can perform Elf Bar authentication and view your verification results.

If the product is genuine, the results will be the same as if you had scanned the QR code of the real product.

“The security code you inquired about is correct.” and “The code has been checked 1 times” will appear again.

Observe Anti-counterfeit Holographic Sticker

The Anti-counterfeit Holographic Sticker contains not only the QR code and security code but also many details that the Elf Bar fake doesn’t have.

Holographic laser security thread
How To Spot A Fake Elf Bar: Observe Holographic Laser Security Thread
Thick&Thin Anti-Counterfeiting Pattern
Thick&Thin Anti Counterfeiting Pattern
Banknote Level Anti-Counterfeiting Pattern
Banknote Level Anti Counterfeiting Pattern
Anti Stripping Knife
Anti Stripping Knife

When someone tries to rip and steal the Anti-counterfeit Holographic Sticker, it doesn’t come off in one piece but comes apart.

Super Anti-Counterfeit Code
Super Anti Counterfeit Code
Colourless Fluorescence
Colourless Fluorescence

Colourless fluorescence is a very hard-to-mimic anti-counterfeiting technology. Under fluorescent lighting, you can see the fluorescent Elf Bar lettering appear.

Micro Text
Micro Text

If you look closely, you’ll see a tiny row of ElF BAR text in the Anti-Counterfeit Holographic Sticker.

Check Inkjet Code
Check Inkjet Code

On the Elf Bar packaging, you will find the Inkjet code for the product’s production period and expiration date. The Inkjet code is usually found on the side of the packaging.

Scan EAN Code
Scan EAN Code

If you find an error in the displayed product information after scanning the EAN Code, your Elf Bar disposable vape may be fake.

Observe The Casing
Observe The Casing

After opening the package, if the shell of ELF BAR has obvious breakage or leakage, it may be caused by the fake ELF BAR’s lack of quality.

Of course, it may also be caused by improper transportation of the genuine ELF BAR. In this case, you can contact after-sales customer service for negotiation.

Feel The Flavour
Feel The Flavour

If you are vaping Elf Bar and feel that the flavour is a bit strange or the flavour is not quite the same as what you have vaped before, then this is the time to be vigilant.

It may be a fake Elf Bar produced by unscrupulous merchants.

Are Fake Elf Bars Dangerous?

Not only do fake Elf Bars deliver an inauthentic vaping experience, but also carry many fake Elf Bar dangerous risks.

  • Health Risks

The ingredients and quality of fake Elf Bars are not strictly regulated, so you have no way of knowing if the ingredients in them are safe or not.

If the ingredients contain harmful substances, this will pose a risk to your health.

  • Risk of explosion

To save money, some fake Elf Bar devices may use low-quality or substandard batteries, which poses a potential risk of battery explosion.

  • Illegal Risk

Buying, selling or using fake Elf Bar may involve some illegal behaviours. Please support the genuine Elf Bar.

What To Do If You Have Bought A Fake Elf Bar?

Stop Usage

If you have bought a fake Elf Bar, stop using it immediately, as these vapes are unsafe. They can cause damage to your body.

Report A Fake

You can take a picture of the evidence of the fake Elf Bar and contact the Elf Bar officials to report it.

They will be glad to receive your report as they are always committed to fighting against fakes and providing a good vaping experience for vapers.

Tips For Avoid Buying Counterfeit Elf Bars

Please try to buy vapes from a reputable and regular Elf Bar retailer or authorized distributor, and avoid choosing vapes from websites of unknown origin.

In addition, please avoid buying super low-priced vapes. ElfBar Global are available at medium prices and may be available at exciting low prices during promotional events.

However, if you find a website that consistently offers Elf Bar at significantly lower prices than the market price, it may be a counterfeit product.

Where To Buy Authentic Elf Bar Disposables

If you want to buy genuine, reliable and guaranteed Elf Bars, you may want to enter VapePenZone to make a buying decision.

We offer the most up-to-date flavours and have a professional and reliable one-year free after-sales service.


How To Spot A Fake Elf Bar? This article describes seven aspects that can identify a fake Elf Bar. And you can easily solve the fake concerns and doubts in your mind with these simple methods.

We hope this article is helpful to you and wish you a good vaping experience!


Do fake elf bars have nicotine?

Counterfeit Elf Bars have dangerously high Elf Bar nicotine content in their e-liquids. Failing to distinguish genuine from fake products can pose risks due to excessive nicotine intake.

How do I know if my Elf Bar is real?

To confirm the authenticity of your Elf Bar, consider multiple methods.

  • Scan the QR code and EAN code on the packaging
  • Enter the official website and use the security code
  • Inspect the Anti-Counterfeit Holographic Sticker and Inkjet code.

These steps help ensure the genuineness of the product.

How to tell if Elf Bar is fake?

To confirm the authenticity of your Elf Bar, use the QR code on the security sticker located on the packaging. This simple step ensures you’re getting a genuine Elf Bar.

What happens if I smoke a fake Elf Bar?

Using counterfeit or unregulated Elf Bars can lead to various health risks.

It includes unknown ingredients, potential health problems like respiratory issues and lung damage, inconsistent nicotine content, and the risk of contaminants.

Do fake elf bars taste different?

Counterfeit devices typically exhibit a noticeably altered and unpleasant flavour, characterized by bitterness and harshness, distinct from the authentic product’s flavour profile.

What are fake elf bar side effects?

Fake Elf Bars can have severe health consequences, such as respiratory problems, lung damage, and an increased cancer risk. Using counterfeit products can be perilous and is not recommended.

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