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How to refill RELX Infinity Pod

How to Refill RELX Infinity Pod: 6 Considerate Step-by-Step Guides

Quick Guide

If you’re curious about how to refill RELX Infinity Pod, you’re in the right place. With significant experience in the RELX vaping community, we can guide you.

Here’s what you need to do to refill your Infinity Pods:

  1. Remove the pod from the vape battery.
  2. Un-casing the pod
  3. Taking out the rubber
  4. Cleaning up
  5. Refilling
  6. Re-assemble the pod

It’s essential to note that the RELX Infinity Pod is primarily designed for single use.

While it is technically possible to refill it, we don’t recommend doing so unless you’ve done your homework and are fully prepared.

So, let’s take a closer look at what you need to do to prepare for refilling a RELX Infinity Pod, shall we?


RELX is renowned for its innovative approach to vaping, often incorporating cutting-edge technologies and features into its devices.

One of the key components of the RELX Infinity Vape is its RELX Infinity Pod. Although the pods boast a great capacity in terms of volume, the E-liquid will eventually run out. So, is it possible to refill the RELX Infinity Pod?

Check out our Infinity Pods refill instructions now!

What Is RELX Infinity Pod?

What is RELX Infinity Pod?

The RELX Infinity Vape is an ideal vape for beginners as it uses pre-filled pods. These RELX Infinity Pods have a capacity of 1.9 mL and come in different flavours and nicotine strengths.

To prevent any leakage, the RELX Infinity Pod features a maze coil design.

The device is also equipped with Super Smooth™ technology, providing a smooth vaping experience.

In terms of design, it features an ergonomic build and is made of lightweight aluminum, making it very portable.

While the Infinity pod has many features mentioned above, it is designed for one-time use only and is disposable.

However, some RELX vapers choose to refill the pod to change the flavour of the e-liquid or recycle it for further use.

Are RELX Infinity Pod Refillable?

How to refill RELX Infinity Pod: Can it refill?

As a RELX customer, it’s important to keep in mind that Pods RELX Infinity are not intended to be reused or refilled for quality assurance reasons. For safety reasons, please do not try to open or refill a RELX pod.

Our objective is to guarantee that RELX users always have the finest vaping experience, which is not achievable with refillable pods.

While refilling the RELX vape pod offers environmental and potential cost benefits, it’s essential to weigh these against product design and safety.

By reusing the pod you have and trying out new flavours, you can save money in the long term.

Keep in mind, however, that the overall quality of vaping may decrease as you refill your RELX Infinity Pod. Nonetheless, many individuals find the slightly altered experience to be negligible.

If you are looking for a safe way to refill your pods without causing any damage to the device, then you are in the right place! Please keep reading for more information.

How To Refill RELX Infinity Pod: Tools And Materials Required

How to refill RELX Infinity Pod: tools and materials required
  1. Clean tissue
  2. A pliers
  3. A bottle of E-liquid

How To Refill RELX Infinity Pod: Step-by-Step Guides

A Detailed 6-Step Guide:
If it’s time to fill up the pods for RELX Infinity again, follow the steps below:
Remove the pod from the vape battery
How to refill RELX Infinity Pod: Step 1
Un-casing the pod
How to refill RELX Infinity Pod: Step 2

Locate the rubber casing that sits at the bottom of your RELX Infinity Pod.

This casing is often colored purple or light gray, so it should be easy to find.

Once you’ve found it, try to force it out with a pliers.

This process will be very time-consuming, as this casing is well-built into the body of the pod.

Finesse is key here, as you should avoid damaging the casing or the pod.

Taking out the rubber
How to refill RELX Infinity Pod: Step 3

After you have opened the casing, you should find a piece of rubber inside the pod.

Use either your finger or a pair of tweezers to remove the rubber piece and store it in a dry, cool place.

Cleaning up
How to refill RELX Infinity Pod: Step 4

Use clean paper towels to wipe the inside of the pod and the rubber piece you just removed.

This will ensure that any remaining liquids are removed.

How to refill RELX Infinity Pod: Step 5

Grab your favorite E-liquid and get ready to refill your Infinity pod.

To ensure safety, only fill the pod up to 90% of its height, which will prevent any potential leakage that could harm your pod.

Re-assemble the pod
How to refill RELX Infinity Pod: Step 6

After refilling, reassemble your pod in the same order as when you dismantled it.

Be careful with every part, as they are highly vulnerable.

How To Refill RELX Infinity Pod: What You May Ask

1. What E-liquid should I fill my pod with?

How to refill RELX Infinity Pod: What you may ask-1

Drawing on years of research, RELX has developed its own proprietary E-liquid formula with high manufacturing standards and the strictest quality control processes. Its ingredients include glycerol, propylene glycol, flavorings, and nicotine salt.

For a better vaping experience, we recommend choosing RELX’s officially developed E-liquids over potentially substandard alternatives.

2. What changes on my RELX Infinity Pod after refilling it?

How to refill RELX Infinity Pod: Changes

When attempting to extend the Infinity RELX Pods life, it’s important to consider the potential risks.

Changes in vapour production, differences in flavour intensity, and unexpected device heating are all possibilities.

While some vapers may experience an improvement in flavour intensity, this outcome is not guaranteed, and the uncertain benefits are typically outweighed by the potential risks of refilling.

While it may be tempting to refill your pod, it’s important to remember that doing so could lead to unexpected changes in performance.

The device is designed to provide a satisfying and safe experience without the need for refilling, and it is generally not advised to alter this formula for safety and performance reasons.

How often can the RELX Infinity Pod be refilled?

There is a point at which you will need to replace your pods after having refilled them a certain number of times, but you can typically refill pods 4 or 5 times before needing to replace them.

The reason for this limit is primarily due to general wear and tear, as vaping causes damage to tanks and pods. If you notice that the e-liquid is leaking, it is time to switch to a new one.

For those who prefer a new pod over refilling, VapePenZone is an option, offering a variety of flavours at competitive prices.

RELX Infinity Pod

$7.98 – $14.98
Note: RELX Pod Pro can be used in Infinity vape, Infinity Compatible vape, Essential vape

How To Refill RELX Infinity Pod: Tips And Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind about how to refill RELX Infinity Pod:

Avoid overfilling the pod

When you refill your pod, make sure to stop before the E-liquid reaches the fill line marked on your fill hole.

Leaving an air bubble will prevent your vape tank from overflowing or leaking e-liquid into the rest of your pod system.

Although refillable pod devices usually have stoppers to prevent e-juice from escaping, it’s always better to err on the side of caution!

Properly clean the pod after refilling

Using a clean paper towel or a replacement, dry up any e-liquid that did not make it into the tank.

The juice can congeal and become sticky if left unattended, so it is important to keep your device as clean as possible.

Avoid the pod leaks

If you notice that your pod is leaking excessively after completing the refill process, it could be due to an error during the process or a compromised pod system.

To prevent liquid leaks and prevent any disruption to your vaping experience, simply make sure to leave an air bubble at the top of your pod system.


While this guide provides a comprehensive overview of refilling the RELX Infinity Pod, it’s crucial to recognize the inherent complexities and risks. We provide this information for educational purposes and to satisfy your curiosity, but we do not recommend attempting it as a DIY project.

Refilling a disposable vape like the RELX Infinity vape requires specific tools, a solid understanding of electronics, and a high degree of caution to avoid potential hazards. Additionally, tampering with the device voids its warranty and could result in an unusable product.

Instead, we recommend purchasing new RELX Infinity Pods Global. It is a quick, safe, and simple solution that enables you to enjoy your vaping experience without the hassle and potential risks associated with recharging a disposable device. Always prioritize safety when dealing with electronic devices!

FAQ About How To Refill RELX Infinity Pod

How do I know if my RELX Infinity Pod is empty?

If your pod RELX runs out of E-liquid, it will produce no vapour. Additionally, you may notice a distinct burnt taste when puffing. If your RELX vape has low battery power, it may also affect its performance.

How many puffs per RELX Infinity Pod?

The RELX vape pod pack comes with a single pod that has a capacity of 1.9ml of e-liquid. It can last between 300-600 puffs, depending on individual usage, which is approximately equivalent to three packs of cigarettes.

How long does 1 RELX Pod Pro last?

RELX Pods Pro can last for up to 600 puffs per pod and can be used in Infinity vape, Infinity Compatible vape, Essential vape. This provides RELX with a significant advantage over many first-generation pod companies that can only provide pods with a maximum of 150-200 puffs.

Is RELX high in nicotine?

At present, our pods are available in various formulations of nicotine content, including 5% (50mg/ml), 3% (30mg/ml), 1.8% (30mg/ml), or 0%. We also offer other region-specific editions.

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