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How To Know If Your Vape Is Going To Explode Cover

How To Know If Your Vape Is Going To Explode? A Quick Guide In 2024

As vapers, you may care about how to know if your vape is going to explode. Please check the quick guide below about the red flags of a vape explosion.

  • Overheating
  • Abnormal Sounds And Smells
  • E-liquid Leakage
  • Physical Damage
  • Poor Quality And Manufacturing Defects

We’ll detail if vapes can explode and how to avoid them. Please scroll down to know more.


How To Know If Your Vape Is Going To Explode

When vaping, we enjoy the pleasurable experience brought by electronic cigarettes.

Still, at the same time, safety is always the primary concern. We also consider whether they will explode to produce danger and how to avoid the explosion. The following will answer for you one by one.

Can A Disposable Vape Explode?

Actually, these cases of exploding vaping devices are relatively rare. However, it is worth mentioning that mechanical e-cigarettes allow the smoker to get more power and produce more smoke because the battery is directly connected to the atomizer, and at the same time this increases the likelihood of explosion.

As a result, Vape Online Global offers a safer way for vapers, especially beginners, to get started without the hassle of maintenance.

Also, what other factors and red flags may cause e-cigarettes to explode? Please dive in below.

If your vape doesn’t have charging overheat protection, please always watch the charging process. If no one is watching while charging, the battery will overheat and could potentially cause an explosion.

Overheating May Lead Vapes Explosion
Abnormal Sounds And Smells

It should be noted if you notice unusual hissing, sizzling sounds or the smell of burnt material during the use of e-cigarettes.

Abnormal Sounds And Smells May Lead Vapes Explosion
E-liquid Leakage

E-liquid leakage around the battery or outside the vape device could pose a risk.

E-liquid Leakage May Lead Vapes Explosion
Physical Damage

Manually dropping, denting, puncturing, or exposing your vape to extreme temperatures can damage the battery and make it more susceptible to failure.

Physical Damage May Lead Vapes Explosion
Poor Quality And Manufacturing Defects

Using poor quality or counterfeit batteries from unreliable manufacturers increases the risk of explosion.

Poor Quality And Manufacturing Defects May Lead Vapes Explosion

What To Do When Faced With Red Flags From Your Vape?

If when we use a vape, we do find that there is a problem with the above, how do we handle the vape to avoid the explosion hazard?


Stop immediately – Charging and using the device when a warning signal appears.


Seek expert help –Contact the manufacturer or vape shop.


Place in a safe area –Place the vape in an open, ventilated area away from flammable materials.


Do not attempt repairs –Avoid attempting to repair the unit yourself, especially if unfamiliarity with its internal components may worsen the problem or create a new hazard.


Dispose of properly –If the device is damaged beyond repair, dispose of it in accordance with local e-waste regulations.

What Happens If A Vape Explodes?

What Happens If A Vape Explodes

If we turn a blind eye to the potential explosive danger signals generated by a vape, then the following very serious consequences could occur:

  • Injuries: Vaping device explosions can cause burns, shrapnel wounds, and possible injuries to the face, hands, and other body parts.
  • Fire or Property Damage: Explosions can even cause fires, damaging property or the surrounding environment. The harmful consequences are truly unimaginable.

How To Stop A Vape From Exploding?

How To Stop A Vape From Exploding

In fact, many vape explosions are caused by backup battery accidents and device failures. And the incidence of these accidents is extremely low.

Generally, vapers who follow the battery safety principles below have a lower risk of e-cigarette fires or explosions.

Use the correct charger: It’s best to use the original charging cable to charge your vape, and the cables from other places may not fit and adversely affect the connection and battery.
Handle with care: Treat the battery gently and avoid dropping it, never slamming it or exposing it to extreme temperatures. This helps prevent physical damage to the battery.
Regular maintenance: Clean the device regularly and replace damaged parts promptly as per manufacturer recommendations.
Avoid overcharging: Use batteries from reputable manufacturers, and remember to avoid overcharging them.
Follow manufacturer guidelines: Follow the manufacturer’s manual and use and maintain the vape according to the instructions.


The purpose of this comprehensive guide is to impart to vapers the knowledge necessary to recognize warning signs and take appropriate action to prevent potential vape explosions.

All in all, in this age of vaping e-cigarettes, safety is always a top priority. VapePenZone has always taken the safety and vaping experience of customers very seriously as well as their feedback.


How to know if your vape is going to die?

When you vape you will feel that the amount of vapor is decreasing, the flavour is fading or the vape liquid is getting less and less. Once this happens, you need to be prepared to use a new one.

What brand of vape pens are exploding?

According to reports, the following brands of e-cigarettes have had explosions:

  • Wotopho’s Phantom.
  • Wismec Reuleaux RX200.
  • Kangertech.
  • SMOK.
  • Sigelei Fuchai 213.
  • CoilART Mage.
  • eGo.
  • iJoy.

Will a vape explode in water?

Since many disposable e-cigarettes are not waterproof, placing the device in water will affect the connection between the battery and the atomizer. This means that the e-cigarette will no longer work properly and may even cause an explosion.

Can a vape explode in your mouth?

Yes, there was a piece of news where the 17-year-old boy was vaping when, without warning, his e-cigarette exploded in his face. Before using e-cigarettes, you should be aware of the dangers of using them.

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