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How To Fix Atomizer Short On Geek Vape

How To Fix Atomizer Short On Geek Vape? 8 Fast Steps To Done

Are you frustrated about how to fix the atomizer short on Geek Vape? Here are 8 steps summarized by VapePenZone Global to help you quickly fix it:

  1. Check the battery
  2. Clean the connector
  3. Tighten the connector
  4. Check for mod issues
  5. Check and replace the coil
  6. Inspect wiring
  7. Update firmware
  8. Seek professional help

Keep reading to know the details about the atomizer shorts on Geek Vape!


Geek Vape is a prominent brand known for mod vapes, accumulating much popularity among vapers.

Geek’s mod vapes generally come with a screen displaying the devices’ condition. Sometimes, the signal of the “Atomizer Short” on the screen puzzles vapers.

Why does my Geek Vape say atomizer short? Taking the Geek Nova Vape as an example, let’s start with 5 common reasons for the atomizer short circuit.

Screen Warning Atomizer Short Geek Vape

1. Coil Issues

A coil that is damaged or not installed properly can cause an insufficient heating and atomizer short problem.

2. Loose Connections

If the atomizer and the mod are not properly connected together, it can cause a disruption in the electrical circuit.

3. Short-Circuited Wires

If the wires inside the atomizer or mod are exposed or damaged, it can cause a short circuit.

4. Coil Resistance Issues

Incompatibility between the low coil resistance and atomizer causes the atomizer short circuit problem.

5. Faulty Connector

A faulty or dirty connector can disrupt the flow of electricity from the battery mod to the atomizer.

How to fix atomizer short on vape
Taking the Geek Nova Vape as an example, there are 8 common ways to address the atomizer short circuit problem quickly.
Check The Battery

First, you need to check if the battery is working and here are ways on how to reset Geek Vape Nova:

  • Try restarting your mod vape by pressing the firing button 5 times and waiting for a while to press an extra 5 times.
  • Or remove the battery for a while, then install the battery back in.
Check the Battery Geek Vape
Clean The Connector

If the screen still shows an atomizer short, you should check the connector between the battery mod and the atomizer. Use a clean cloth or cotton swab to clean the sticky residue on the connector.

Tighten The Connector

Make sure the connection between the atomizer and mod is tight enough.

If the size of the connector is incompatible, consider repurchasing a new one.

Tighten the Connector Geek Vape
Check For Mod Issues

Remove the atomizer on other mods to confirm if the problem lies on the atomizer or the mod.

Check for Mod Issues Geek Vape
Check And Replace The Coil
  1. Incorrect installation: Ensure that the coil is correctly installed and not displaced.
  2. Visible damage: Change a new coil or wind the nichrome wire as a replacement.
  3. Residue cleaning: Use a cotton swab to clean the residue or change a new coil.
  4. Incompatible coil resistance: Repurchase a compatible one or ask customer service.
Inspect Wiring
  1. Checked if the wire is exposed or being damaged. Remember not to touch the wires with wet hands.
  2. We recommend changing to a new vape instead of fixing or replacing the wire.
Update Firmware

Updating the firmware may address software-related issues that cause the atomizer to be short.

Seek Professional Help

If the above steps fail, please consult the customer service of your purchase channel’s customer service for more professional assistance.

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Above all are the detailed steps to solve the Geek Vape atomizer short problem. Have you got a command of it?

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How To Fix Atomizer Short On Geek Vape: FAQ

What does atomizer short mean on a geek vape?

An atomizer short, also called an atomizer short circuit, is a common problem of coil short that results from an incompatible coil, loose connection, incorrect installation or short-circuited wires.

How do I fix my geek vape atomizer?

There are 5 common ways to solve Geek Vape atomizer malfunctioning: clean the visible residue, reinstall and tighten the coil, change a new coil with compatible resistance, try a new mod, or update the firmware.

What is an atomizer in a Geekvape?

Atomizer refers to the system of wick and coil inside the vape device. The wick draws the e-liquid from the tank to the coil. Then, the coil starts to heat the e-liquid into vapour.

Why is my vape not picking up the atomizer?

To address the vape not picking up the atomizer, you should check if the atomizer is tightly connected to the mod. Remove it and reinstall it to confirm.

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