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Why Is My Vape Making Weird Noises Cover

Why Is My Vape Making Weird Noises? 5 Common Sounds From Your Vape

Why is my vape making weird noises? Did you also experience these weird noises – cracking, popping, bubbling, buzzing, hissing… and wonder why? Please check the common reasons below:

  1. Brand new vape
  2. Mesh or multiple coils
  3. The coil dissipates heat
  4. Extra e-liquid and low wattage setting
  5. Loose coil connection or improper installation
  6. Thinner e-liquids

Do you also think this is a problem with your vape disposable, even if it’s brand new? Let’s delve into these weird noises next.


In this post, we’ll explore why my disposable vape making a weird noise. And what you can do about it.

By properly understanding which noises from vapes are “normal” and not potentially dangerous, you can greatly improve your vaping experience and put your mind at ease without having to be overly anxious.

Why Is My Vape Crackling And Popping?

Why Is My Vape Crackling And Popping

This sound will be more noticeable when your atomizer head is brand new. The noise will be greatly reduced once your coil has “acclimated” to a day or two of use. This is a very normal phenomenon, so please don’t be alarmed if you experience it. It’s not a device malfunction.

If you are using a device with coils that are mesh or have multiple coils, there is more surface area to vaporize the e-liquid. This means you get more flavour and vapour from the vape oil. But at the same time, it will be louder when vaping.

Why Is My Vape Crackling When I’m Not Using It?

We explained why there is a crackling sound when the device is in use, so what about the crackling sound when the device is not in use?

These noises are normal for any equipment that can be used properly. So please do not worry. The reason for these noises is that the device is still running, and it is taking time for the cool to dissipate the heat and burn juice as the coils cool down. These noises will not stop until the unit has been out of use for more than three minutes before it goes into standby.

Why Is My Vape Bubbling When I Inhale?

Why Is My Vape Bubbling When I Inhale

Excess e-liquid builds up in the centre of the coil, resulting in a bubbling or “crackling” sound similar to boiling water – a phenomenon that can be exacerbated by insufficient wattage settings, resulting in an excess of liquid in the coil, thus exacerbating the bubbling noise.

So, when you wonder, “Why is my vape crackling and spitting?”— it is likely due to too much e-liquid in the centre of the coil. This liquid cannot evaporate properly. It will bubble or “crackle” a phenomenon commonly called “spitback”.

It’s like boiling a kettle of hot water but not turning off the heat source in time, and the overflow lands on the stovetop and sizzles from the heat

Why Is My Vape Making A Buzzing Noise?

Why Is My Vape Making A Buzzing Noise

A subtle “buzzing” as you inhale due to airflow through the coil is normal, but a noticeable buzzing sound can indicate an underlying problem, such as a loose connection or improper installation of the coil. Ensuring the coil is securely mounted and tightly connected can alleviate this concern.

Moreover, a malfunctioning device, especially an internal component or circuit problem, may cause an unusual humming sound. It is recommended to thoroughly check for visible damage and contact the manufacturer, especially if the unit is still under warranty.

Why Is My Disposable Vape Hissing After I Hit It?

Why Is My Disposable Vape Hissing After I Hit It

The higher the concentration and content of vegetable glycerin (VG) in the juice in the e-liquid, the less sound the coil will make when atomized. In contrast, thinner e-liquids may make a louder hissing sound when atomized.

It’s like the sound of an e-liquid impacting a heated surface. Especially when you increase the nicotine level, more vapour is produced, and the sound is more prominent.

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Why Is Vape Making Hissing Noise When Not In Use?

Ditto because when you release the power button, there is still heat in the coil, so it makes a hissing sound until the heater cools down and stops working, at which point the sound is gone.

Measures Of Your Vape Making A Weird Noise

Measures Of Your Vape Making A Weird Noise

Slight hissing, popping or crackling sounds are signs that the e-cigarette is working properly. You don’t need to worry too much. If you are still uncomfortable with the sound, you can try the following tips that can help you mitigate these weird noises.

  • Adjust the airflow and blow

Extra e-liquid spillage leads to vape crackling and spitting. Therefore, to prevent this, it is recommended to adjust your adjustable airflow device – HQD XXL to fit airflow, then blow into the mouthpiece – more adjustable airflow vapes on disposable vape Global.

This removes some of the excess e-juice and prevents spitting back out as you are reducing the pressure, not increasing it. This will allow the e-cigarette liquid to return to the cotton through the mouthpiece.

  • Adjust the wattage

Adjust the wattage according to the coil’s recommendations and slowly increase the wattage in sequence to see if it helps reduce clucking and spitting. Too low a wattage may mean that the e-liquid does not vaporize properly, leading to spitback.

  • Regular cleaning

You can use alcohol cotton swabs to wipe excess material from the mouthpiece as well as check the vape for clogging. Getting into the habit of cleaning your e-cigarette is very important and can greatly reduce strange noises.

It’s worthy noting that if you don’t hear any sound, it doesn’t mean that it’s the device working well. On the contrary, slight crackling and popping sounds mean the device is starting up fine. If you can’t hear any sound, then you need to check if your device is clogged and needs to be cleaned.


In short, vapes make weird noises that may not be “weird”. Understanding the sounds coming from your vapes will broaden your knowledge of vapes, and if you are a vape enthusiast who would like to learn more about vapes, VapePenZone, a vape paradise, welcomes you!


Why did my vape make a weird noise?

Suppose you hear a crackling sound. It may be because when the atomizer is not fully hot, the smoke will heat up as it passes through the vape coil and bubbles will form, which will collapse on their own and make a sound.

Why is my vape making a crackling noise?

If you notice a crackling sound, this may be due to the coil heating up as the smoke passes through the Vape coil, causing bubbles to form and collapse spontaneously, resulting in an audible crackling sound.

How do you fix a gurgling vape?

To fix a gurgling vape, check and secure the coil, adjust wattage settings, clear condensation, inspect and replace the wick if necessary, avoid overfilling, check for leaks, prime the coil properly, ensure open airflow, inhale slowly and consider using a slightly thicker e-liquid if issues persist.

Why does my vape make a rattling noise?

A rattling noise in your vape may indicate a loose or improperly secured component, such as the battery, coil, or other internal parts, prompting the need to check and tighten all elements to ensure proper functioning and minimize any potential risks.

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