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UWELL Gabriel Review

UWELL Gabriel Vape Review: New Gen Disposable Vapes?

What’s up, vaper! Welcome back to VapePenZone Blog!

UWELL is making disposable vapes now – the UWELL Gabriel!

UWELL has been dedicated to perfecting its vape products. They’ve been a pro brand in the industry since they began.

So that’s exciting news for most of the UWELL fans. Finally, something different is going to show up in the disposable vape market.

And in today’s UWELL Gabriel Vape Review, we’re going to take a closer look at them, and I’ll tell you what I think!

Alright, without further ado, let’s hop into it!

UWELL Gabriel Review Video
UWELL Gabriel Vape Review: New Gen Disposable Vapes?

UWELL Gabriel Review – Overall

I don’t know about you, but I was super excited when I finally got them in my hand. These little candy-colourful vapes look adorable already!

The transparent barreled packaging looks absolutely stunning. I think most girls like me would fall for the UWELL Gabriels at first sight.

Now first, let’s take a look at the specs.


 UWELL Gabriel EqualUWELL Gabriel RespectUWELL Gabriel Freedom
Pic UWELL Gabriel Review - Equal UWELL Gabriel Review - RespectUWELL Gabriel Review - Freedom 
MaterialsPA, PC+ABSPCTG, PCPCTG, SUS303 Stainless Steel
FinishingsPlastic, GlossyRubber Hand-feeling Paint + Silk Screen PaintingRubber Hand-feeling Paint + Silk Screen Painting
Dimensions 103*20.2*10.6mmφ22*103.7mmφ25*111mm
E-liquid Capacity1.5ml7ml12ml
Flavours8 flavours8 flavours8 flavours
Battery Capacity280 mAh500 mAh500 mAh
Puff CountsMTL: 450+; RDL: 300-350MTL: 3500 + ; RDL: 1450 – 1500MTL: 6000 + ; RDL: 2950 – 3000
Coil TypeMesh CoilMesh CoilMesh Coil
Charging Port/Type-CType-C


Gabriel Respect Unboxing

Gabriel Freedom Unboxing

All of the UWELL Gabriel disposable vapes have the style of packaging – barrel-shaped plastic package.

The unboxing was quite satisfying. The barrel packaging is super cute, and it’s very easy to open.

You can unscrew the lid like opening a bottle of coke. Super convenient.

After removing the lid, you can pull the vape out, same with all the UWELL Gabriel vapes.

Each Gabriel vape comes with 2 silicone protectors preventing the vape from moving around in the barrel and 1 extra plastic stick protector installed in the coil, stopping liquid leaking. This makes the leaking almost impossible, which is awesome. Remember to pull the plastic stick out before you vape tho.

All the UWELL Gabriel vapes come full-charged. So after you get rid of every protector, you’re good to go. Just take a puff and enjoy.

One thing to mention is that, unlike the Equal and Peace, the UWELL Gabriel Respect and UWELL Gabriel Freedom are both Type-C rechargeable. But they don’t come with a cable. Considering most of the rechargeable disposables on the market now don’t come with cables, I guess that’s only fair.

Now that we got the vape out let’s move on to the next section of this UWELL Gabriel Vape Review – Design.


All the Gabriel disposable vapes are in candy colours. They’re light, clean and cute. Also, the juice tanks of all the Gabriels are crystal clear so that you can see how much liquid is left. That is def a plus. Although it was supposed to be this way for you to know if it’s the battery that died or the juice that ran out, most of the disposable vapes, like Puff Bar or IGET, don’t have a transparent tank. This is the first thing about UWELL Gabriel that is different from the others.

UWELL Gabriel Review Equal

UWELL Gabriel Review - Equal Close-Up
UWELL Gabriel Vape Review: New Gen Disposable Vapes?

Design ratings: ★★★☆☆

The mouthpiece and the body of the Gabriel Equal are made of slick, shiny plastic materials. It looks clean and neat, super smooth to touch. The flat mouthpiece is super comfortable since it’s very thin.

The colour of the mouthpiece and the print on the body matches the flavour. The one I’ve got here is Coconut Coffee, so the tank and the print are brown. There’s a flavour logo on the side bottom of the vape. It’s super cute.

UWELL Gabriel Equal VS RELX Classic
UWELL Gabriel Vape Review: New Gen Disposable Vapes?

The size of the Equal is very close to the RELX Classic, slightly shorter, thinner and lighter than the Classic.

The LED indicator is on the side bottom of the vape, right under the flavour logo. You can see the light when you’re vaping, which is awesome. Most of the disposables on the market have their indicators on the bottom. It kind of makes no sense. I mean, why bother installing an indicator when you can’t even check it when you vape?

The only thing that I don’t like is that there’s a tiny little gap between the tank and the body. You won’t notice this from daily use, but it’d be a bit bothering when you look super closely.

Anyways, the design of the Equal is awesome. It’s super lightweight and thin. You won’t even notice it when you put it in your pocket. You can take it on a trip or anything like that. It’s super convenient.

UWELL Gabriel Respect

UWELL Gabriel Review - Respect Close-Up
UWELL Gabriel Vape Review: New Gen Disposable Vapes?

Design ratings: ★★★★☆

The UWELL Gabriel Respect has a cylindrical shape design. It’s not too thick, very comfortable to hold.

The candy colour matches the flavour perfectly as well.

The mouthpiece of the Gabriel Respect is rounded, made of transparent plastic. It’s very clean and crystal clear. The body of the vape is very rubbery, very comfortable to touch. And you won’t have to worry about it being too slippery.

I’m really fond of the indicator of Respect is very cool. It’s installed inside the bottom of the vape. When you vape it, the indicator lights up and shines through the vape and lights up the whole bottom part of the vape. It’s super cute.

There’s the USB-C charging port on the bottom.

UWELL Gabriel Respect Indicator
UWELL Gabriel Vape Review: New Gen Disposable Vapes?

Since the body of the vape is translucent, you can see a bit through the vape. You can see there’s a black loop inside the bottom of the vape, which is not my favourite look of a vape. It makes the vape look a bit dirty, if that makes sense…

All in all, I like the design of Respect. It’s super adorable. The rubbery texture is definitely one of my favourites. The little con doesn’t really bother me that much. So I rate it at 4/5. Very nice.

UWELL Gabriel Review Freedom

UWELL Gabriel Review - Freedom Close-Up
UWELL Gabriel Vape Review: New Gen Disposable Vapes?

Design ratings: ★★★☆☆

The UWELL Gabriel Freedom looks like Respect’s twin sister with a bigger size. They look very alike. The only 2 differences between the Respect and the Freedom besides the size are the body texture and the indicator.

The body of the Respect is a bit translucent, while the Freedom is completely opaque, making it less jelly-like. The bottom of the Respect is still rubbery, but Freedom’s bottom is just frosted plastic.

And the indicator of Freedom is on the bottom, making it impossible to see the light when you’re vaping. As I said, it’s not my favourite design.

Also, the USB-C charging port is on the bottom.

User Experience

The Gabriel disposables are all very easy and simple to use. But there’re still some differences between different types.

UWELL Gabriel Equal

Design ratings: ★★★☆☆

The draw of the UWELL Gabriel Equal is the tightest among the 3 vapes in this UWELL Gabriel Vape Review, just slightly looser than the RELX Classic.

There’s a slight noise when inhaling.

The flat shape of the mouthpiece feels very comfortable, while the vapour of the first hit is not as warm as I thought it’d be.

The Coconut Coffee flavour is not as good as I expected. It’s a bit coughy for beginners. It’d be perfect if they made it smoother. But the sweetness and the coconut coffee taste is perfect.

UWELL Gabriel Vape Review Respect

Design ratings: ★★★★★

UWELL Gabriel Respect has a tight draw as well, slightly looser than the Equal but still pretty tight enough for MTL draw. It’s my personal perfect draw.

The Respect also makes a little noise when you vape it, which I don’t mind.

The rounded mouthpiece is usually not my personal favourite. But the mouthpiece of the Respect works surprisingly perfect for me.

The vapour is slightly warmer than Equal. The flavour I have here is Banana Ice Cream. Y’all know that I love banana flavours, and this one is definitely the best banana I’ve tried so far. Most of the banana flavours are cooling-free, but this Banana Ice Cream of the Respect has the perfect amount of cooling in it, making it so special and nice.

When I’m using the Respect, I charge it daily. When the battery is above 60%, it can bring the best flavour. And it takes around 30-40 mins charging time from 0% to 100%.

UWELL Gabriel Freedom

Design ratings: ★★★☆☆

UWELL Gabriel Freedom has a super loose draw compared with Equal and Respect. The 2 mentioned above is a bit too tight for RDL vaping, but the draw of the Freedom is perfect for RDL. But it’s a bit too loose for an MTL draw for me.

The one I have here is Ice Strawberry flavour. It tasted like a strawberry milk smoothie. The milk flavour is strong. It’s very different to other strawberry flavours. It’s not as fruity. It’s more like a strawberry dessert.

The charging rate and the charging time is around the same as the Respect.

Pros and Cons


  • Candy colours and smooth design
  • Transparent juice tank
  • Comfortable mouthpiece
  • Sweet flavours
  • Gabriel Respect and Freedom: rechargeable
  • Gabriel Respect: beautiful indicator
  • Gabriel Equal and Respect: perfect draw for MTL hits
  • Portable
  • No flavour fading at all for 2 weeks


  • Gabriel Freedom: draw too loose
  • Gabriel Freedom: indicator on the bottom
  • Gabriel Equal: tough throat hit
  • Gabriel Respect and Freedom: can’t tell the battery persentage


All in all, there’re really not many cons to the UWELL Gabriel series, just some small things. I really like them. The pretty design and the candy colours really caught my eye. My favourite Gabriel would be the Respect. The tight draw, amazing flavour and beautiful indicator are all perfect for me.

Anyways, that’s all for today’s UWELL Gabriel Vape Review.

Thanks for reading! And I’ll see you at the next one!

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