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Top 5 best RELX Pod flavours

5 Best RELX Pod Flavours In 2023: Which One Should You Pick?

Quick Guide

Hey there! RELX has two amazing products: the RELX Infinity Pod and the RELX Classic Pod. If you’re curious which RELX Pods flavour is the best, check out our list of the top 5 best flavours for each product and decide for yourself which one to give a go!

Top 5 RELX Infinity Pods Flavours:

  • Fresh Red (Watermelon)
  • Golden Slice (Mango)
  • Tangy Green (Grape Apple)
  • Dark Sparkle (Frozen Coke)
  • Sunset Paradise

Want to know the ultimate flavour of RELX Classic Pods? Let’s go on an adventure and explore all the best RELX Pod flavours out there. Who knows what deliciousness we might find!


Hey there! Are you looking for the best RELX Pod flavours? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got the top 5 flavours right here for you to check out.

RELX is dominating the e-cigarette game, and their pods come in a wide variety of flavours, making it difficult to decide which one to try. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our purchase data and customer reviews to make an informed decision on your next RELX purchase!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out these flavours, and let us know which one is your favorite!

Reason For The Best RELX Pod Flavours

We gotta have some solid data to back up any of our conclusions, right? That’s why I went ahead and grabbed some search volume data for Infinity Pods & Classic Pods flavours from Ahrefs and ranked them based on how popular they are. This way, we can figure out which RELX Pods flavours are gonna be the best fit for you.

Search Volume for RELX Infinity Pods Flavours

Best RELX Infinity Pods flavours

The data above is from Ahrefs, and indicates that RELX Infinity vapers have the highest demand and preference for the following five flavours:

  1. Fresh Red (Watermelon) – 25.2 % of people have searched for it.
  2. Golden Slice (Mango) – 16.6 % of people have searched for it.
  3. Tangy Green (Grape Apple) – 13.1 % of people have searched for it.
  4. Dark Sparkle (Frozen Coke) – 8.5 % of people have searched for it.
  5. Sunset Paradise – 6.6 % of people have searched for it.

These five flavours are followed closely by other popular flavours such as Classic Tobacco, Blueberry, and Menthol. It’s clear that RELX vapers have a wide range of flavour preferences, but sweet and fruit-based flavours seem to be the most popular overall.

Search Volume for RELX Classic Pods Flavours

Best RELX Infinity Pods flavours

Regarding the RELX Classic Pods flavours, RELX vapers have varying opinions. The following are the top five search volumes for classic flavours:

  1. Mint – 25.3 % of people have searched for it.
  2. White Freezet – 18.9 % of people have searched for it.
  3. Icy Slush – 14.1 % of people have searched for it.
  4. Peach Oolong – 10.1 % of people have searched for it.
  5. Mellow Yellow – 5.5 % of people have searched for it.

It’s important to note that these search volumes may vary depending on factors such as location and availability. However, it’s clear that the Mint flavour is the most popular among RELX Global vapers, followed by White Freezet and Icy Slush. The Peach Oolong and Mellow Yellow flavours have a smaller but still significant following among users.

Best RELX Pod Flavours – Top 5 Best RELX Infinity Pods & RELX Classic Pods Flavours

RELX Infinity Pods
RELX Classic Pods
RELX flavours review fresh red

Fresh Red (Watermelon) TOP 1

RELX Fresh Red is rated as one of the most popular flavours among vapers, thanks to its strong watermelon flavour that hits you with every puff. Just one puff of this flavour will leave you feeling refreshed, as if you were on the beach.
RELX flavours review golden slice

Golden Slice (Mango) Top 2

This flavour is a refreshing take on juicy and ripe mango. It is tastefully formulated to replicate the authentic tropical mango taste, finished off with a hint of mint.
RELX flavours review tangy green

Tangy Green (Grape Apple) Top 3

RELX Grape Apple flavour is perfect for summer. It is sweet, juicy, refreshing, and icy, making it sure to satisfy your cravings.
RELX flavours review dark sparkle

Dark Sparkle (Frozen Coke) Top 4

RELX Dark Sparkle gives you a refreshing sensation like drinking a cool glass of soda on a hot day with almost the same satisfying flavour.
RELX flavours review sunset paradise

Sunset Paradise Top 5

RELX Sunset Paradise offers a unique fruit flavour that provides a fresh and exciting vaping experience. Savor the rich and refreshing taste of guava, which leaves a cool, invigorating sensation in your mouth.
RELX Classic Pods flavour review mint

Mint TOP 1

Enjoy each puff with this popular mint flavour. A gentle menthol finish complements the strong mint taste. Mint is everything you want in a vape: cool, refreshing, and simple.
RELX Classic Pods flavour review white freeze

White Freeze TOP 2

Get instant relief from the heat with the RELX Classic White Freeze Popsicle. This flavourful blend is a mix of frozen popsicles infused with slightly creamy flavours, finished with a refreshing exhale of mint.
RELX Classic Pods flavour review icy slush

Icy Slush TOP 3

I love the RELX Icy Slush flavour. The cool sensation mixed with the sweetness is really satisfying, especially on hot days. It’s pure comfort with every puff.
RELX Classic Pods flavour review peach oolong

Peach Oolong TOP 4

It has a light oolong fragrance, a sweet peach flavour, and a powerful peach oolong impact in the mouth and throat. It tastes authentic and is reminiscent of iced peach oolong tea.
RELX Classic Pods flavour review mellow yellow

Mellow Yellow (Banana Smoothie) TOP 5

Banana milk has a sweet taste with a hint of dried banana flavour. It is not very cooling and may not be suitable for long-term use. However, it is ideal for those who enjoy bananas or sweet flavours.

Best RELX Pod Flavours – Customer Review

Have you ever heard the saying “the customer is always right”? Well, when it comes to trying out new products, it’s best to hear from other people who have already tested them. Check out these genuine reviews from RELX vapers on different flavors and discover which is the best RELX Pod flavours.

Best RELX Pod Flavours – From Reddit

“A warning about Fresh Red. It’s the 4th flavour I tried after White Breeze, Crisp Green and Dark Sparkle. I can’t put it down. I’ve been chain vaping it. It’s so good it’s criminal.”

From username – AdGullible1353

“My go to is the Tangy Green. It’s sweet, juicy, refreshing, and icy, so you know it’s gonna hit the spot and satisfy all your cravings.”

From username – Angel231

Golden Slice for sure gave me a glimpse of heaven during the first few puffs. Still my best pick so far.”

From username – xVanillaSkiez

Dark Sparkle is based on the genuine taste of everybody’s favorite soft drink – Cola! And it does well to live up to vapers’ expectations, actually. A puff on Dark Sparkle exudes the icy sensation of Cola.”

From username – MyWords11

“The Mint cartridge included in the package is 5%. So it does pack a little bit of a punch, not only nick wise but also the menthol, it’s really cold, but it’s still sweet, it’s sort of spear minty.”

From username – V_leeh

White Freeze is like the ultimate mash-up of drinks and fruits. Here’s the deal: it’s got this crazy blend of banana flavour and frozen water that’ll make you feel like you’re eating a whole bar of banana ice cream. It’s seriously the bomb.”

From username – Detail-Soggy

“The Icy Slush has a strong throat feel and a high degree of reduction. Especially in summer, it’s really comfortable to take a puff. The cold throat sensation, with the sweet taste of Icy Slushs, makes you comfortable just in a single puff.”

From username – Dangerous-Plant4094

“At the beginning of the entrance is a light Peach Oolong tea fragrance, followed by a cool throat sensation, with a strong tea fragrance and sweet peach flavour.”

From username – West-Bonus-8750

Mellow Yellow – The taste of banana milk, this flavour tastes sweet, but also a bit like the taste of dried bananas. It has a strong flavour and almost no cooling, it is not suitable for long-term use. This taste is suitable for people who like bananas or like sweets.”

From username – cadburyicecream26

Best RELX Pod Flavours – From VapePenZone


At RELX, we offer a wide range of flavours to cater to different preferences, from fruity to dessert-inspired to refreshing menthol. In this blog, we would like to showcase our top 5 best flavours of RELX Infinity & Classic pods, which are known for their authentic taste, satisfying experience, and overall quality.

It’s important to remember that vaping is a personal journey and your taste may change over time. We encourage you to explore new flavours, try something new, and find the ones that truly satisfy your taste buds. So why not choose your favorite RELX pod flavour from VapePenZone and embark on a flavorful vaping journey in 2023 and beyond? Happy vaping!

FAQ About Best RELX Pod Flavours

What does RELX Sunset Paradise taste like?

RELX Sunset Paradise offers a unique fruit flavour that provides a fresh and exciting vaping experience. Savor the rich and refreshing taste of guava, which leaves a cool and invigorating sensation in your mouth.

What does RELX Tangy Purple taste like?

The RELX Tangy Purple flavour delivers a sour grape taste with a rich undertone that is challenging for many manufacturers to replicate. A hint of menthol provides a refreshing aftertaste.

Why does my RELX pod taste bad?

Possible reasons for a bad taste in your RELX pod include a burnt pod or an expired pod that was not stored properly. To maintain the best flavour, store your pods in a cool, dry place and check the expiration date.

Should I remove the RELX pod when not in use?

To prevent damage, avoid storing a RELX device for more than two weeks with an empty charge. It is best to fully charge the device and remove the RELX pod before storing it.

Is RELX high in nicotine?

At present, our pods are available in various formulations of nicotine content, including 5% (50mg/ml), 3% (30mg/ml), 1.8% (30mg/ml), or 0%. We also offer other region-specific editions.

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